Thursday, 14 July 2011

Narrative Construction, Adaptation & Interpretation

The Most Significant Moment in My life

By far the most significant event of my short life was starting secondary school. this event created a mixture of emotions and feelings, ranging from anxiety, anticipation and excitement. These feelings were evoked and triggered as I put on a uniform for the first time in my life. My blazer was too sizes to big and my tie tied to tight. As I approached the building for the first time it towered over me like a mountain compared to my last school. This released a wave of anxiety and it finally daunted on me that I had left the nest. On arrival I was summoned to my new form 7S. My tutor was called Mr Smith, a balding man who made us all feel welcome. We were asked individually to stand up and identify our selves.

My first lesson was French which was an exotic experience. I was extremely excited about learning a new language. Walking round the school amongst giants was an intimidating and truly unforgettable experience. I seemed to be lost, bounced and barged between classes for the first week. This traumatic experience was one of the most significant mile stones in my life.

Joyride Task

This Side Up

This short animation film is about a middle aged man who is desperate to get the latest music hits. The film goes through a number of different tasks which he has to do to ensure he gets the music. This invloves a number of problems when trying to download the music. The character in the film seems like a nervous man who throughout the film is trying to impress his idol Elvis Presley in which he has a picture of him hung on the wall looking over him. His character seems to be disorganized by the look of his house in his living environment. His un-manicured appearance and character is obvious from the way he's dressed. With no company in the house it would suggest the character has no real companionship. This mite be over compensated with his relationship with Elvis. The film keeps the audience engaged through frustration as we want the character to succeed. It could be understood that the character believes the computer will bring him closer to his idol. The film ends by us thinking he has concured the task of downloading his music, However our frustration is reconfirmed at the end with a manipulated cliff hanger.

Synopsis of Story board and script.

The story is about a young boy living in a small rural town. The character starts his day like any other day oblivious to the effects caused by the big flash effecting the gravitational pull. His morning consists of a normal routine however he is unaware due to his sleepy state of mind, thus not noticing a fundamental change in the environment. As a result of all these mishaps and confusion he loses track of time a realises he is late for work. Finally he attempts to dash to the door which seems to happen in slow motion. He bursts through the door and like a balloon he floats off into infinity and beyond.

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