Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Stop Motion

Stop motion animation is a classic animation in which the objects you are animating are real, objects or three dimensional objects. the basic principal of this type of animating is to position what ever you animating shoot a frame of whatever medium or animation your working in, make a change to the objects then shoot another frame, you do this over and over. Character sculptures and sets are usually smaller than life size, and may be built on armatures that give them a defined skeleton. Thar armature helps you create realistic motion also providing support for the body and accessories on the figure if there are any.


Henry Selick is a stop motion director and has produced some of the most well known animation films, such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach and Caroline. I think his style of animating is very similar throughout the three different films each one showing a sense of horror and dark atmosphere. I think his armatures and models made for the films individually show huge character, and he very cleverly manages to bring animals and other creatures to a human like form which can be difficult.

Communication with Groups

I was unable to work directly with an L6 partner, However I tried communicating with other Animators to see if they needed any support or help with there work. Unfortunately none of the L6 Animators needed help from me so I concentrated on my Stop motion ideas and research.



Week 1

Module and project breifing

Produce own brief to present

to L6 Students.

Week 2

Trying to contact L6 student

Sending emails and contacting

on facebook etc

Week 3

Reserch into Stop motion

How Stop motion works, what

is it.

Week 4

Studying practitioners

Week 5

Blog work

Stop Motion

Week 6

Research into Stop motion

Looking at my own stop motion

Week 7

Evaluating work and blog work

Week 8

Stop motion

Stop motion

My Stop motion

Character Design

Scene from my stop motion

Background set

Kolbs Cycle

Evaluation of Sto
p motion

I really enjoyed this project and working with stop motion is something I'm passionate about. When animating I found trying to keep it smooth and in sync a bit of a problem as some parts of the animation needed to be slower than others, this is something I need to take into consideration next time. Another problem I ran into when animating was the surface I did it on, which was carpet. I used butterfly clips to enable my characters limbs to move. This became a problem as they were catching on the carpet and preventing a smooth transaction to the next frame. Producing my own animation and learning from my mistakes has made me take into consideration improvements when producing my next stop motion. For example the materials I used and which ones best suit the conditions your working in, such as the set and how the characters will animate on it. I think this being my first stop motion done on my own it was a success. I managed to produce a solid and convincing concept with a good outcome. I have come out with a broader idea of stop motion and how it works. I think further experimentation into stop motion will help me in the future when deciding my own personal style of animating. I would like to use clay in my next stop motion as I am very fond of and feel it gives a good effect and outcome therefore this will defiantly be something I experiment with in the future.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Flake Advert

Group Project

In this project we were assigned a group with fellow students on our animation class, however, we also joined with the illustrators and advertisers. we were asked to produce an advert for a sweet and we decided to choose the flake chocolate bar.

Before the flake idea we also came up with
other chocolate bar ideas and thought about the different color schemes
  • Aero (brown)
  • Crunchie (Gold)
  • Dairy Milk (purple)
  • Minstrels (dark brown)
  • Malteasers (red)

  • Flakey
  • Stick
  • Multiple Layers
  • Crumbly

Target Audience
  • women
  • ages 25-35
Advert Themes
  • Working mum
  • Reward for working so hard
  • 5 minutes of happiness to them selves
  • Flake away
  • Break
  • Flake out
  • Accessories for girls
  • Always have one on you
  • Every thing chocolate
  • Trees
  • Houses etc
  • Turning into chocolate
About The Flake

Flake chocolate bar is a crumbly milk chocolate bar. The first flake was made in 1920 when an emplyee at one of the factorys liked the texture of the chocolate folding backwards. The Flake is produced in a factory in Ireland, Dublin.

Flake remained as two variants until 2000 when Cadbury launched Snow Flake, a white chocolate version of Flake. In 2003, Flake introduced a version coated in dipped chocolate, followed by a Praline coated version in 2004. Flake Moments were also introduced in 2004 with bite size pieces perfect for sharing.

The Flake Girl is an enduring sight of the large and the small screen. She was first advertised as a ‘Sixpence-worth of Heaven’ in the 1950s and 60s, known as one of the most sensual sights on TV for the era. Iconic Flake advertisements are well-known for their seductive undertones as the Flake Girl slowly unwraps and enjoys her ‘Flake moment’. The latest additions to the Flake Girl alumni are Australian model Alyssa Sutherland in 2007 and musician Joss Stone in 2008.

In June 2010, Flake launched a new TV ad. Gone are the familiar dulcet tones of the "Only the Crumbliest, Flakiest" jingle and the famous "Flake Girl" succumbing to the mouth-watering chocolate. Instead the beauty and delicacy of the Cadbury product take centre stage in the mesmerizing execution, represented simply by one girl and her yellow dress.

Taking three weeks to create with 200 metres of fabric, the yellow dress becomes an analogy for the beautiful folds of the Flake chocolate itself. As the model spins slowly, the ruffles of her yellow dress swirl around her and delicately envelope her.

History of Chocolate

Cocoa trees grew wild in the jungle, and they used them to make a spicy, rather bitter drink for special occasions. Centuries later the Aztec Empire fell, and the Conquistador Hernan Cortés brought cocoa beans back across the ocean to Spain.

Gradually chocolate spread across Europe – it was the fashionable choice of Kings and Queens, the nobility and the rich, just like caviar or champagne today. At the end of the 19th Century milk was added, and at last someone devised a way of making chocolate to eat as well as to drink. But it wasn’t until the 20th century that chocolate became affordable for everyone.

So chocolate has been on an epic journey, but its popularity is enduring: prized once by Aztec warriors and today by millions of people around the world.

Previous Flake Adverts

Once i had done some good background information into the Flake I decided to look into the advertisement of flake and research the old an new adverts from Flake chocolate bar.

Story Boards

Once we had all done background information on the chosen chocolate bar flake we had to all come up with a storyboard of an advert idea.


For my story board I have chosen yo go with the catch phrase or theme 'flake out'

  • My character who I have made a young man which was not the original Target audience, however I thought trying out a different age group my help or come in handy for the group when sharing ideas in the future.
  • The basic story is the young man goes through a very unfortunate day and runs into a whole cycle of bad luck when doing his normal day routine.
  • It comes to the end of the day when he is completely shattered and stressed from his day to find a flake bar on the table and he goes to his arm chair and forgets about his worry's and 'flakes out'.

Once we had all come up with our ideas we came up with the three best ideas we thought were suitable for the advert and started work on them
  • Story boards
  • Character designs
  • Posters
  • Color schemes
  • Animatics etc


Character Design

Animation and Sounds

Once we were ready to start the animating Claire and Rebecca took control of the 3D as they are a lot better and more confident using the programs. However I still played a part, suggesting and commenting on how to make the animation better. I was also enrolled to take care of sound effects and voice overs for the animation and began my research.

  • Plains
  • Crowds talking
  • Voice overs
  • Sound effects
All audios and sound effects are on a usb.