Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Critical Studies Retrieval

I have chosen to look into and and analyze CGI which is used in digital driven cinema.

CGI stands for computer generated imagery and is used in various commercials television programes and films and occasionally media. CGI animation first included 2D animation when it started. This involved using computers to do the job of what traditional animators originally did.

CGI was first used in the 1970's in films to computerize certain areas of the film. In 1995 the first fully computer generated film was Toy story. This took animation to another level.

Toy Story is a computer animated film made with CGI through out the whole film and was the first to do it in the history of film. After developing the characters on a story board, to animate each character they either modeled them out of clay or developed them on a computer drawn diagram. I think each character has been synced really well and accurate this can been shown when walking, talking and jumping.

You can clearly see this in a short clip from Toy Story

My CGI test animation is a short test for a storm-trooper animation. The animation has clearly not been finished as the are a few faults in it. The feet have not been animated properly and seem to sink in and out of the ground. However as a basic test it is a good start and there is room for improvement such as adding back rounds and other effects for it to feel more realistic and life like.

This is the clip of the Test in CGI 'Storm-Trooper'

CGI has also been used in a short film called Tin Toy

The film was done in 1988 by a
man called John Lasseter the film involved a computerized baby in a room which was very ambit
ious in the time period , however he ran into some problems, for example the skin looked plastic and the babies movements didn't look realistic this was always the way it was going to look due to the technology restrictions. The short film won an award for its great achievement in CGI and people all agreed computed animation was the way forward in animated films.

Carlos Baena

Carlos Baena is an animator that i aspire to. he has worked on some of the top films including ratatouille, wally, cars and the new 3D Toy Story 3. I think he has taken CGI to another level because as he animates the characters and brings them to life making film more enjoyable to watch. Every character he has animated and worked on shows a huge amount of skill and time taken to ensure all body movements flow smoothly. When I have watched the films he has worked on it draws you in and makes you feel a part of the movie forgetting its a CGI animated film.

CGI is one of my favorite types of animation because it takes graphics and cartoons to another level in terms of 3d effects. However this would be harder to show and create when using stop motion. In the future I think a lot of directors will choose to to take the CGI route instead of stop motion due to the positive reactions of 3D CGI animated films. I would personally like to see a development of the CGI world and making more 3D films with improved visual effects. I think this would be possible in the near future as technology is always developing and advancing.

This is a short clip of the film Ratatouille he was involved in 'Short Clip'